Hello, I'm not too sure as to what i want to do with this ,sooo, i've decided to just go for it and see what happens.
I'm a proud mum to six wonderful kids who are the joy of my life and my greatest achievement. They are :- Kayleigh - Ann,22, Lee,21, Jay,16, Chanelle,13, Brandon,9, and last - but by no means least! - Rowanne ( pronounced Rowan NOT Row Anne she insists) age 7. As you can see they're quite spread out, more by luck than super planning on my part i sometimes think, which works quite well for us.
Kayleigh is married to Rob who is a nice lad and good son in law happily, for me, and her too i hope!, she lives just a few houses down from me so we see each other most days. Lee lives back in my hometown where he has a lovely girlfriend and nice little house. This is one of my few regrets, that Lee no longer lives with, or near, me. To cut a long story short, which i'm sure i'll come back to later at some point, 5 years ago after much soul searching and careful consideration i decided to move away from my hometown to try and create a better future for me and the kids. It was a tough decision as we're a close family ( i have4 brothers, 1 sister who are all younger than me and 2 older half sisters too, christnas is fun!) but i felt that it was rapidly becoming a less than ideal place to raise kids in. Lee had been mugged and had his shoes stolen on his way home one evening, less than 5 minutes away from home. He actually had an inprint of the muggers shoe on the side of his face, it was sickening. The scarey part was that we weren't living in some huge inner city slum, we weren't even living in a city, just a reasonable sized town that i had grown up in with, playing out for hours at a time with no fear of anything bad happening to me. I do feel that these days there are just too many things to worry about and peer pressure is soo bad i pity the kids growing up under that pressure. So, i made the decision to move away from there and after a couple of temporary private rented places the gods smiled down on us and we came to live in the house we're in today.
We live in a tiny village, you could drive from one end to the other in less than a minute, it only takes that long 'cos the speed limit drops to 40mph along the section of road that passes through, don't blink or you'll miss it! There are no shops, only one (that;s right ONE!!!) pub and even that only opens in the evening and doesn't serve food. There is a post office that does sell other bits and bobs but that closes at 12 o'clock some days and 5.30 the rest except sunday when it's tough tilly trotbags. You soon learn to be organised believe me! The primary school is so small that there are less than 60 kids in the entire building, from nursery to year six. The staff are fantastic and we love the whole set up. There is no high school here but Jay and Nell are picked up just after 8am to go to school and even there the're less than 20 kids per class - fab .
Of course i've done my usual stunt here of going off at a tangent, This is pretty usual for me so get used to it! Lee moved up with me to start our new life, did a year in college but to be honest he never really settled and when he went back down to see his dad in the autumn he found a job, which i must admit he loves and is still in today. It was a very sad time for me but it was what he needed to do. I remember years ago that someone said to me is that the proof of good parenting is that they are confident enough to leave you and survive properly than you've done the best that you could have and the rest is up to them. Still hurt like hell though when he did. My mum, dad and siblings keep an eye out for him (for me really!) to make sure he's ok but to be honest he doesn't need it, he's a good lad who makes me proud every day.
So that's the basic us, who we are, why we're here how many of us there are too. I'm feeling quite good actually so i'm hoping that this blog'll be a good thing for me to do as my memory is useless there days so i thought getting into a routine of blogging may help that? I don't know, time will tell ? We'll just have to wait and see .............................


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