Spring has sprung. Yippee!!!.....

Hi all, sincere apologies for my abscence over the last month, i was just so tired, run down and fed up i decided to take a little time out for me. However i'm back now and feeling great so hopefully it's back to normal - well, as 'normal' as it ever gets here in the madhouse anyway!!!
To be honest there hasn't been much excitment to speak of, two more of my babies have had birthdays, Kayleigh is now 23 (eek! How did that happen?) and young master B has turned 10 on friday. Double figures no less! Where is the time going? How can my babies be this old already? How did i get to almost 42? It's incredible to think that they're all growing up so quickly. They are my pride and joy, my life would mean nothing without them. it makes me sit up and think they're growing sooo fast, even my babies aren't babies anymore. I need to get myself back on track and start to spend quality time with them. it's far too easy to let the days pass in a blur of life, the universe and everything in it, never actually planning my days constructively. I need to make better use of the time i do have available to me so i can give them all some one to one time. I find it far too easy to just let the time pass by without stopping to think of the more positive things that i could do with it.
I'm sure that a lot of you lovely ladies out there are all feeling so much better too now that spring is really here. It's just beautiful outside today, the sun is shining, i can hear the birds, the lambs are on their way, the first litter of bunnies have been into the garden this morning and, best of all, it's the first day this year when i can leave the backdoor open without getting hypothermia! The kids are playing outside without being wrapped up so much that they look like giant do-nut men! Hee hee!!!! Isn't it wonderful how much difference a little extra daylight makes? In winter i really struggle to get up at 6.30am to light the fire before the smalls get up, now, when it's warmer and not as much of a dire need my eyes ping open before my alarm goes off.... grrr! Being blessed with a home in the countryside the signs and sounds of spring are all around us, lambs, chicks, greenery, all wonders of nature that, sadly, many people don't seem to appreciate as they should. Having been born in a town the differences between life in the two seperate areas are easier to identify and appreciate. When the first four kids were small we lived in a caravan on the isle Anglesey for a period of time, one of the happiest times of our lives as much as i can remember. The kids were never healthier than they were there, the fresh air and good, basic food showed in everything they did. Shining eyes, healthy skin and boundless energy ... not that the boundless energy wasn't sometimes a bit trying, mainly when i was exhausted and they still wanted to play, go for another walk, whatever it was that was certain to keep me from my bed!... were clearly evident.
In some ways i feel that familiarity breeds contempt, many of the locals where i live don't seem to see or appreciate the surroundings like i do. Now that spring is here there's nothing nicer than to sit with a cup of tea first thing in the morning, before the kids're up, looking through the window across fields towards the mountains, with the songs and noises of spring all around. There really is nothing that can compete with natures beauty is there? Whilst to me all these things are breathtaking i find that many of the local people don't understand my awe and appreciation of our surroundings. They don't seem to notice all the little things, can't see our home the way that i do and appear to have a harder view of life in general. There are very few dogs that are kept purely as pets, if they're not hound dogs they're ratters or fell runners or they have some other purpose, the vast majority of dogs're kept outside. No handbag dogs here i think. They've laughed at me for being soft with mine - by which i mean living indoors and not having any other purpose other than the pleasure that their company brings. Ah well, each to their own. When i comment on our surroundings they often look at me sideways, as if they don't see the things that i do which i think is a bit sad. Maybe sometimes the only way to appreciate something is to spend time without it? I don't really know but i can honestly say that i've never lived in a more beautiful place than i do now.
As you may have noticed by now i'm feeling a lot more positive than before, i've been trying hard to keep some of the promises i made to myself. I've been eating better too and have finally managed to shift some weight - yippee -and can finally get my fat bum in jeans again! I've still got a way to go yet but the combination of this and all the other little things i'm working at are slowly making a difference to my outlook. Positive mental attitude really does have some truth in it, thankfully. I'm sorry that this has all been a bit of a waffle but i'm trying to say lots without my usual going round the houses fifteen times, you'd be surprised just how hard it is for me to do that, lol! I'd just like to say thankyou to all those who've left me nice messages, i really do appreciate them. Hopefully now i'm going to catch up with everything that you've all been up to in my absence, it'll take a while but i will do it, honestly. Thankyou again all you lovely ladies, here's hoping you are all feeling the benefits of spring and it's positivity too. here's to the seasons wonderful changes and the the positive opportunities that they bring.


karisma said…
Welcome back! Glad things are looking up for you now. I have also been having a bit of a break compared to normal. Kind of lost the urge to blog and want more time in the real world.

Hoping to get back at it in a little while but for now. Once in a while is all Im doing.

Spring sounds lovely, its getting cooler here now.

Eileen said…
So glad you are back!! I know exactly how you have felt and feel!!! Winter is soooo hard for me too, I try hard each day to be positive and upbeat....but it is difficult especially when illness or accidents happen. I too am so glad that the weather here in Canada is beginning to warm up and green up slowly.
People give me odd looks too when I comment on, admire or take the time to photograph my surroundings each day....I feel sorry for them, for all that they miss hurrying through life!
Rowan said…
Glad you are feeling better and enjoying Spring. It's a lovely time of year with something new to see every day. If more people noticed and appreciated the natural world there might be less crime and violence and more friendliness. Most people are too busy rushing from one thing to another to just'stop and smell the roses'.
Hello. Glad that you are feeling better. Spring does tend to give one a bounce in one's step, don't you think? I love nature and can totally understand the awe, the soul-stunning awe that it's possible to feel when looking at nature in all her breathtaking beauty. We live in Australia now and it's Autumn, my favourite time of year, and I take such pleasure in crunching through the leaves and at the colder weather. Maybe we are just simple souls with a more direct line to Divine in Nature. Lucky us.
Tea with Willow said…
Just catching up with some blogging myself too, after a few weeks of feeling a bit down - but, exactly as you say, as soon as Spring arrives, with lighter days and spring bulbs in the garden, my spirits have lifted such alot! It makes such a difference doesn't it?!

Glad to hear you're feeling so much better. Enjoy the Spring time with your kids!

Willow xx
Mara said…
"There really is nothing that can compete with natures beauty is there?"

I couldn't agree more :)

Glad you're feeling better.

So good to see you writing again!!
Great post!

Just wanted to hop over here and wish you a Happy Hippie Mother's Day!!!!

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