So, how gutted am i? There i was, typing away as fast as my two fingers'd let me when i got distracted - having a tribe of kids'll do that to you! -and when i got back to the 'pute there were two posts, GONE!!! Pretty flippin gutted i can tell you!
Sooo, now i'm all mixed up as to what to put where, and have got my days wrong or whatever. B enjoyed his trip to the temple, that was cool. We had a bit of an odd week to be honest, i've been a bit down but nothing really obvious to put it down to. J's been hectic with his exams, poor lad's been a bit under the weather too. I think there's been a bit of a bug or something going around, nothing major but feeling exhausted,down and generally off. Had a lovely afternoon on friday, went to the lovely Jeans for a brew and chat, she always makes me feel better. She really is one of the most lovely, kind, honest and sincere people that i've ever had the honour to meet. When i'm sad a visit to Jean generally helps to chase the doldrums away, even if it only lasts for as long as i'm with her. The only other proven cure for the doldrums is a good dose of Terry Pratchett, he speaks the way i would if i was half as clever as he is. See, i'm doing it again, veering off on a tangent again! Visited the lovely Jean, came home in time for the kids coming home from school and the beslam that that ensues! Joy!We ended up having a sleepover, 2 extras, one girl and one boy. I say it like this to try and reassure myself that i really did only have two extra kids 'cos it sure felt like i had more than two extras! I needed a lie down to get over it!
On another much more sad note, i had to take our old dog Gypsy to the vets. She's had sore ears for a bit, well they've both been fussy but i put it down to the pollen. Sadly it wasn't pollen, she's got two abcesses, one in each ear. The poor love, she must've been in agony but she didn't make a whimper. I felt awfulbut i really had no idea. We've got drops for her, i have to take her back on wednesday for blood tests and then we'll see how we go from there. They also think she might thyroid problems, which doesn't bode well for her, another lovely part of the surprise was that the vet thinks that she's over 13 years old, a bit of a difference from what i was told when i took her on.
As you can see, not a good week in some ways. I think i've had an attack of the misery guts this week, roll on next week!


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