I'm back...

Hello, i'm back. It's been a rough couple of weeks. i've has a major chest infection and been really under the weather with it. The down side of this being i've been so behind with all the shopping, it comes to something when there's not a tin of beans in the house. To be honest it scared me a bit, i haven't been this ill for years and when you're a single mam - or even if you're not - it's a worry how to keep the house running and everything ticking over when you can't even lift your head off the pillow. If it hadn't been for my beautiful daughter Kayleigh i would've been in serious trouble. Thank the Goddess for her, she's been out, done all my gift buying AND food shopping, as well as her own housework, shopping etc. She really is a blessing to me.

I'm finally feeling better today, it's the first day when i haven't had to go back to bed. It's taken me all day to just clean the sitting room, i ask you! It's soo infuriating, i feel as week as a kitten. Hopefully now everything is done - well, if it isn't done now it's just tough! I've got 5 of my 6 kids here now, K n C went down to my mams and did the gift giving and card exchanging for me. J and N were at their dads and L had been down there for a couple of weeks so yet again my beautiful daughter saved the day as she brought them back up here for me.

Does anyone else feel only half alive without their children around? Maybe i'm being a little dramatic but i do actually feel like i'm missing something, a part of me, when they're not here. Even though i've been fit for nothing these last couple of weeks and they needed to visit their family before xmas i feel sad when they're not around. Tonight i'll go to bed with most of my kids under my roof or a heartbeat away, apart from sweet B, he's in spain with his daddy. Lovely for him, terrible for me. they fly back on the 28th (i think, or late on the 27th). It wont be soon enough for me, although he was so excited, bless him, such an adventure.

I know this isn't up to my usual epic proportions, i'm tired still. i'd just like to thank the gentle Ariad for worrying about me, bless you and thank everyone else for their kind words.

As you all know, i'm no techno buff so i don't know how to create links, i would however like to point you towards Cage Free families blog and watch the video and read the post that accompanies it. You might be able to find your way there through my sidebar, i hope so anyway. She says a lot that NEEDS to be said about this crazy world we live in.

that's me done for now, Brightest Blessings to you all, health, peace and happiness to everyone you hold dear .....


karisma said…
Im glad you are on the mend! And yes I know just how you feel, thats called being a mama afterall! You see when our kids are in the house we know they are safe. I was just starting to feel comfy with the oldest one venturing out till our drama last week. Now Im back to listening for the door, waiting up till all hours. Im dreading going away this week as the girls are all staying home. Grand dad will be with them but I will still worry. They all have to work so can't come along. I am however looking forward to meeting some LL ladies if I can find them! LOL! I think I shall go on a Faerie hunt! (yes I am heading up to the land of Majikfaerie and co! I absolutely love it up there and nearly moved there a year or two ago, but decided in the end to hang with my family a bit longer. We all live two streets apart and I would miss them too much if I ran away! Its pretty much the same up there as here except they have a much better homeschool community than we do! And there are so many people living the conscious life! Unlike the material brats down here! Can you tell I missed you? Hehe! I am talking too much!

Anyway I better go, although I was not sick my xmas shopping was only done in the last two days too! Im bad! (Mind you I can vouch that Ariad is an Angel in disguise, she sent me a little something that I have been after for years and I just can't wait to see my girls face when she opens it on xmas morning!

Okay I am really going now. My boy just woke up and is hungry! He wants bangers and mash! He he! Thats a real treat around here as I prefer to cook vegetarian. Mind you his bangers are chicken not meat!

Try to enjoy xmas without your boy! Keep in mind that his daddy is giving him a good time and enjoy the rest of them. CG has been at NB's mamas house for xmas the last two years, this year we are arguing over keeping them here! NB has to work so its easier for him to stay, problem being that its also his birthday on xmas day so his mama wants him back! No easy way out hey? I think they should see his mama when they have time to spend not just for 1 hour!

Anyway Im really going this time! Should have sent you an email instead! But you know Im just like you and can't shut up! Big hugs and smoochies to you and the kiddies! Have a great xmas! Give Shrekkie a kiss for me too! A chaste one of course! Hehe! Happy Winter Solstice, we are enjoying our summer one!
Anne said…
Merry Christmas!
Thanks for your lovely comment,
The funny thing is I only just put that post up a few minutes before you commented. LOL
I hope your feeling better.
Karen said…
Hope you have a lovely Christmas!
Wendý said…
I am so glad your healing and starting to feel better..I also hope you and your children had a blessed and safe holiday.

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