Big boys toys, train rides and sleepovers....

I think that friday is, in some ways, my favourite day of the week. The sense of relief i feel when i realise that we don't have to get up and organised by 8am is almost (but not quite!) spiritual. As we all know kids have their own little body clocks going which seems to work along the lines of :- fuzzyheaded, sleep deprived exhaustion and on a go slow all week through monday to friday where you're practically weeping before they'll get up BUT come saturday, when you don't have to be anywhere - or dressed for that matter, they're up with the lark and full of the joys of spring by 8.30am! WHY?? Do they do it to punish us or is it just my kids whose body clocks work that way?
So, up we got this morning, B and i (R and N were at sleepovers) not in a rush to be anywhere. Lee was up before 10am and we were just lazing around for an hour or so. L's boss arrived with his wages, thankfully!, in which he found a lovely surprise. This led to a hasty get ready and a car trip into the nearest town. Lee (who's 21!) NEEDED to buy himself an x-box 360 which i am assured is REALLY cheap and essential to the continuation of both mankind and peace and harmony in our household?!! My main thought was "Over £130 pounds?!! Does it make tea and solve world hunger?" to which i recieved a number of snorts and general rolling of eyes. Guess what we're doing now? Yep, sitting with the thing plugged into the t.v. and general male oohs and ahhs echoing around the room.
Whilst L and B managed to make a fair amount of noise and sound effects it was less theatrical than usual as J isn't here. He has gone away for the weekend to visit his new girlfriend and stop at their house which is a good 3 hour train journey away. I know that i'm his mam and perhaps a little overprotective but i've really struggled with this. I don't know her family, he met her at the festival we went to in august and what started out as friendship has now become something more. When we were at Solfest he was actually with his previos girlfriend, Gill, and they both befriended her. Gill ended their relationship about a month ago, she's had a very hard time recently as she was diagnosed severely diabetic and is now insulin dependant which has caused a knock on effect of many other things, which threw J completely and so he's turned to Amy for comfort. As an adult i can see that this is a rubberband relationship but he can only learn by his own experiences and has to work through this himself. He'd never been 'dumped' (his words) before and i think his ego was a little bruised so Amy was a good way to build it up again as it was clear that she fancied him from the beginning. I don't want to see her hurt but am powerless to do anything about it. I'm afraid that they wont be properly supervised, Amy's mum was constantly drunk whilst we were away and allowed her to sleep elsewhere without actually coming to see if there were any adults present at all. I've spoken to J on many occasions about suitable behaviour but he is a 16yr old male. Whilst i wouldn't allow my 15yr old daughter to have her boyfriend share her bedroom not all people are the same. All i can do is hope that he's listened to the things i've told him over time and trust him to make a responsible judgement about the situation.
The truth of the matter is that he's my boy and i don't like not having him close to me where i know he's safe. J has suffered with epilepsy since he was a child but has thankfully been fit free for over a year now, even so i still worry about him. His opinion is that he's not had a fit for a year so it's over and done with but it's not always as easy as that. He's a long way from home with people that i don't know, he's travelled by train alone across the country and i am helpless if he needs me. I know, it's a mum thing, you'd think it'd get easier as they got older but no, it's just a different -if not bigger- set of worries that we have to deal with. We can hope that we've prepared our kids well for their survival in the big wide world but we can't prepare them for the way other people behave.
R has come back from her sleepover at Sophies so we're going to repack her bag for our sleepover at Jeans tonight. I love spending the night with her, we always sit up far too late and put the world to rights, sometimes we might have a glass of wine (or Baileys irish cream- yum) but more often than not we just drink a gallon of tea and talk till our jaw hurts! Isn't it wonderful to find someone that you can chat with forever, whether it was the last week/month/year that you saw them, or, conversely you can sit in peaceable silence and it not turn into an awkward one? We only get a small number of those in our lives and they usually arrive when you need them most, almost like a kindred spirit or soulmate. I don't believe that our soulmate has to be our sexual partner, or even a life one, it could be that we meet a number of soulmates at different times in our live when we need each others help and only when we have achieved or learned what was needed will we be free to mve on. I don't know how other people feel about this topic but i find that it seems to have been that way for me.
I'm going to sign off and get dinner ready so we can try (but usually fail!) to be organised for 6.30pm so wish me luck!............


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