Lazy sundays?Don't make me laugh!!!

So, today being sunday i'd planned to not do too much, well, actually that's not quite true. Initially we were due to go to "Apple Day", a one day festival that celebrates everything and anything remotely to do with apples - the clues were there in the title people! Anyhoo, to cut a long story short (Yeah, like i EVER do that!) it was cancelled earlier this week due to the fact that the field was most likely under 6" of water. Shock horror! So, we had a few let down kids - and mums for that matter - with not much on. I then foolishly envisioned a relaxing sunday morning with a lazy breakfast and maybe even building up the enthusiasm (or courage might be more apt) to do "the bedrooms".
You may wonder why i wrote it like that? In fact 'bedroom' is quite a relative word in this house. 'Why?' you may wonder. Well, it's like this, when most people think of the word bedroom they imagine a room with a bed in it, maybe a wardrobe and/or a set of drawers. If it's a childs room then a few toys might be in order, stored nicely in containers etc. When i was still an optimist i had those kind of ideas too, it's an easy dream to have. However, in my house that isn't the case. We DO have toys,EVERYWHERE, clothes,anywhere BUT in the aforementioned receptacles and beds that are regularly so covered with stuff that no one can actually sleep in them! Now, i'm pretty cool about most things, i 'm not expecting operating theatre cleanliness, hell i've even allowed midnight snacks when i was still naive enough to think it wouldn't most likely turn into biological warfare! but having actually invested in beds for everyone i thought they might be used occasionally?? Ha! Not likely! My bed is clearly the best in the entire universe, despite the fact that it's only a standard double bed and i'm not exactly sylph like! My kids're not getting any smaller either. It used to be ok to have the two youngest in bed with me (depending on who the two youngest were at any given moment) but it's getting to the point where it's uncomfortable and exhausting. We did implement for a while a rota so that they took turns during the week but friday was film night and we'd all pile in my bed with drinks and some sort of snack and watch films together. That worked quite well for a while but then an attack of poorly tummys blew that one out of the water.
Again, besides the space factor there's the 'stuff' factor which goes along the lines of 'drop everything on mums floor cos ours are full'. Fab! Did i mention that i'm disabled and not exactly agile? If the co sleeping didn't play havoc with my spine the obstacle course finishes the job off. Now, i'm honest enough t admit that sometimes it's nice to have that close contact with a toasty warm little(ish) body, most of the time being single doesn't bother me BUT i do sometimes want t cuddle something that doesn't have four legs and dog breath. Did i forget to mention that the two dogs sleep on my bed too? They're not yorkshire terriers either! Honestly, it sometimes feels like i'm on some kind of endurance test- which i'm slowly losing!
Soooo, back on track - don't worry, you'll get used to me doing this! - lazy sunday.....
As a result of apple day being cancelled i thought we were at a loose end, but no. The lovely Jean booked us tickets for a puppet show at the local community theatre. I managed to forget this until midday today when it popped up in my head - eek! Mad panic and general rushing ensued and lots of stressing by me but we managed to get there by the skin of our teeth- phew! It was lovely too, i've never been there before, it's an old school converted into a community centre with the only down side as far as i was concerned was that the theatre was upstairs. I wish we'd been allowed to take pics, it was nothing like i'd expected. It was one man with a wooden sort of frame around him which he hung things on and used to represent everything - it was "Little Red" riding hood btw - the kids were spellbound. He only used a couple of wooden dolls and i know i'm not doing it justice here, all i can say is we took 5 kids aged between 3 and 9 and they all enjoyed it.
We bumped into some children who had been at our school last year so it was nice to catch up and arrange play dates then off to Jeans foe pasta and lovely chat. I can't help but smile when i spend time with her, she's balm for my soul, just beautiful inside and out. All too soon it was time to leave for home. Even that turned into a task as i planned to call and get our electricity topped up whilest i was out in the car but no, nothing's that simple. I emptied my purse looking for the card, couldn't find it, panicked, thought i'd left it at home. Arrived home, checked meter, no card, only 3p left in electric, started to meltdown then J pulled it out of the purse i'd taken apart 10 mins before! Aaaaggh! S, dashed out and got it with 2 mins to spare before the shop shut. By the time we got back the house was in darkness as the electricity had run out. All character building stuff.
It was a case of quick wash and bed for the smalls, try and find the sink under the pile of dishes, locate tomorrows clothes, sink into a chair with a brew and then help J with his homework. This leads nicely up to now where i'm typing this. I was sorely tempted to leave it till tomorrow - well later on today if i'm technical about it - but it's likely i'd forget something by then! I'll say goodnight and hopefully catch up soon.......


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